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Designing Your Perfect NYC Bathroom Renovation

Next to the kitchen, your bathroom is one of the most important spaces in your house. It is important that it not only functions perfectly for your day-to-day tasks, but looks beautiful while doing it. Wanting to redo your bathroom can feel like an overwhelming task, but it does not have to! Follow these design tips to achieve the perfect New York City bathroom renovation of your dreams.

Work With The Right Team

Attempting a complete bathroom remodel on your own can be risky and time consuming. Not to mention if mistakes are made in the design or during construction, they can be costly. Getting the right team to work alongside you one your NYC bathroom remodel project is the most important step. Hiring a design-build company, like Vergara Homes, allows you to work directly with one entity who will coordinate the design, build, and procuring building and city approvals and permits. They use their expertise to avoid any common remodeling mistakes.

Optimize Your Space

Once you are working with your designer, they will assist you with making the most of your current bathroom space. If you have the budget and the vision to move walls and create a bigger bathroom, that is certainly possible within the footprint of your existing home, however there are many ways to make your current bathroom function better. Be sure to add as much storage as possible - either in extra drawers in your vanity, floating wall shelves, medicine cabinets, niches in your shower, or storage behind your mirror. Also, make sure you maximize the square footage in your shower. As a place you will use just about everyday, you want to avoid feeling cramped inside.

Create A Classic Design

When many people are planning a NYC bathroom renovation, they jump on Pinterest to view the latest styles and trends. While some may enjoy the idea of following trends and updating their home every few years, it is costly and burdensome to most. It is extremely important to choose materials and finishes that look stylish now and for years to come. In bathrooms, marble, porcelain, and slate tile along with wood and white toned cabinets are looks that are here to stay for a long, long time.

Oversee The Project

Once you have completed the bathroom design, selected and ordered your materials and products, and hired a contractor to complete your New York City bathroom remodel, it is vital to keep your eyes on the project. If you are working with a design-build expert, like Vergara Homes, they will oversee the project throughout construction, and keep you up to date on all facets of the schedule and progress. This is important to ensure materials are installed in a quality manner and the correct materials are being used. It is also important to make sure the design is being followed correctly and that no corners are being cut.

Stick To Your Budget

Even if your NYC bathroom renovation ends up looking like the room of your dreams, if you go over budget, it does not have quite the same feeling of success. By setting an appropriate budget at the start of the project and sticking to it, you can accurately plan for all expenses without any surprises along the way. If you work with a construction management professional like Vergara Homes, they will monitor your budget from start to finish and help you weigh all your options if any budget decisions need to be changed. They will help you value engineer you project to your specific budget and needs.


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