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Vergara Design and Construction | Full S
We believe in a cohesive process to home renovations.

Vergara Homes facilitates your home renovation through the synergies of bespoke design, expert guidance, and turnkey project management. We believe that anyone should be able to achieve a thoughtfully designed, high-end renovation with an authentic sense of identity and a completely bespoke feel. Our comprehensive process achieves that with expert guidance that doesn't break the bank or sacrifice quality.

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Over the past 14+ years, Elizabeth has been helping homeowners design and renovate their upscale homes as a Design Build Specialist. Growing up, she watched her father run his own construction company and discovered a love for construction at a young age. After starting a professional career with a prestigious construction and architecture firm in New York City, she noticed a disconnect between design and build teams on residential projects. She found that the most effective approach to renovating a home merged the design and construction phases into one cohesive process.


With her experience in construction management and architectural design, she created an innovative design-build process that is the foundation of Vergara Homes | Design and Construction. Her vision is to create attainable, high-end renovations through intentional design and expert guidance from start-to-finish.


Elizabeth understands that every project is unique and comes with its own set of challenges. With her experience and passion for the process, she faces every challenge with a complete understanding of every aspect of the project. Her ultimate goal is for her clients to live happily in their dream homes after an enjoyable and professional renovation experience.

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