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Detailed and luxuriously designed construction plans for your new house

Build an elegant home made for modern living without breaking the bank. Check out our ultra-realistic VR walkthroughs before buying!

Vergara Homes - Modern Rustic Plan - Kitchen 1.png

At first, house hunting sounded like a lot of fun - and then this happened…

You’d get excited every time a notification popped up from your listing app - a home in your budget was up for sale, and the photos looked amazing!


But when you visited in person, the property or the location was a let-down about 80% of the time. 


Plus, with you and your partner’s conflicting schedules, you didn’t really have the luxury to do neighborhood drive-bys that often.


At some point, you saw some homes you liked - but the speed at which they went off the market made your head spin. 

You did get a couple of offers in there - but they were all rejected. 


And in the end, it felt like even your realtor was starting to get annoyed.


Then someone suggested: “Why don’t you just build a home? Building is cheaper than buying a fixer-upper in this part of the country anyway. Besides, you’d start with a blank slate - fresh wiring and plumbing, proper insulation, no bidding war.”


Major light bulb moment.


But you had NO idea that getting custom-designed home plans could cost that much

“Excuse me, HOW much for 4 design meetings and a couple of concepts?”
- You: before fainting from the quote that cool architecture firm your coworker suggested


Depending on where you live, getting custom plans drawn up for your dream home can cost anywhere between $40,000-$50,000… 


And let's not forget the costs for basic interior architecture design, including doors, fixtures, floors, molding, and cabinetry, can go up to $30,000…


AKA: money you can save or pour back into your build to level it up. 


Then you did some research and found that you could get pre-designed home plans at a fraction of the cost!


Now to find some floor plans that actually help you envision what your dream home could look like from the inside out.


Because waiting 6 months to determine whether you actually made the right investment? Absolutely excruciating. 

You need a win - we hear you

Introducing Pre-designed Houses by Vergara Homes - not your average architectural floor plan

With 11+ years of design-build experience, we know exactly what new homeowners are looking for when they buy home plans online for a custom build. 


What’s different about our digital home plans?


For one, we design for the home buyer who refuses to settle.


You want a beautiful, elegant home on time and budget, and every other experience you’ve had so far has made you believe that’s not possible.

We’ve designed the plans keeping in mind the needs of a modern, growing family with ample scope for customization.

Yes - you can switch up the layouts of the plans you buy from us. 


And most importantly, we get that you’re not a builder or a contractor - so hitting “buy now” based on a bunch of architectural drawings doesn’t sound like the best idea, honestly. 


We want you to make an informed decision.

That’s where our 3D walkthrough comes in - complete with furniture placement and luxurious interior design that you can later use as inspiration for your own home - you get to experience how your dream home will look and feel when you step in for the very first time. 


Ready for a tour?


(Even better if you can grab your oculus.)

Modern Rustic

 3 BR  |  3 BA  |  2072.46 sq ft 

Modern Rustic Home Plan - Vergara Homes.png

Traditional Victorian

3 BR | 3 BA | 1430.24 sq ft

Traditional Victorial Home Plan - Vergara Homes.png
Modern Rustic

Ready to buy your dream home?

You’ve been holding the vision for a while - let’s transform it into reality in 2022

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