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10 Essential Fixtures for your NYC Bathroom Remodel

Renovating your NYC bathroom soon and wondering which bathroom fixtures would be right for you?

Bathroom fixtures are available in a wide variety of materials, designs, and finishes, and the right ones can elevate the look and feel of your new bathroom.

But making sure your fixtures accommodate your lifestyle and come together to create a cohesive, luxe look can be a challenge for sure.

Don’t worry though, we’ve got you.

In the next five minutes, you’ll learn about the 10 different types of essential bathroom fixtures and how to choose each one for your renovation.

This will help you maximize the comfort, storage, and utility of your new bathroom, without compromising on the aesthetics of the space.

Let’s dive in!

luxe bathroom renovation by Vergara Homes

1. Showerheads

The right shower head can make all the difference, and we’re to help you choose one that balances style, water pressure, and your specific needs.

Quick note: If you also want to make sure you’re minimizing water wastage, you’ll want to pick an EPA WaterSense labeled showerhead.

Keep reading to learn more about the different types of showerheads you can get for your new bathroom.

Single Spray Shower Head

  • These are the most common types of showerheads

  • They have adjustable nozzles and you can change the spray patterns easily

  • Good news: they’re really affordable

Rain Shower Head

  • Larger than single spray showerheads

  • Can be wall-mounted or attached to the ceiling

  • Water pressure is lower but can be really relaxing

Handheld Shower Head

  • They’re attached to a long hose and rest on a cradle that is mounted on the wall

  • This makes them more flexible than fixed showerheads

Sliding-bar Shower Head

  • This one slides up and down and can be adjusted to the height of the person using it

  • Perfect if your kids share a bathroom

  • The adjustable height ensures everyone gets the right amount of water pressure

2. Bathtubs

We know what you’re thinking - “Can I finally install that bathtub that redefines relaxation in my new bathroom?”

Choosing the right bathtub can be simple if you keep two things in mind: how you intend to use it and the size of your bathroom. Everything else will fall into place.

With that being said, here are the most popular types of bathtubs for NYC bathrooms.


They’re walled on three sides and are the most popular bathtubs installed in smaller NYC bathrooms because they can be easily transformed into a shower.


These are another space-saving option while allowing for plenty of legroom in the tub. These have two angular sides (the ones that fit into the corner) and a curved side.


These are super versatile and a great option for larger bathrooms. Plus, they can be easily installed without drilling additional faucet inlets. (Want some extra comfort during bath time? Choose a freestanding tub with a sloped backrest.)


These bathtubs don’t have finished panels and are installed into a custom-built frame. Although the installation is a bit more complicated and expensive, these look amazing (and can be fitted with all the bells and whistles for a luxe experience).

freestanding bathtub in NYC renovation

3. Sinks

Space is one of the first things you need to consider when you pick a new sink for your NYC bathroom remodel. The other aspect is the overall theme of the space, which also influences the shape and material of your sink.

Undermount Sink

These are set into the countertop with ample surrounding space for your self-care essentials and makeup. The countertops smoothly transition over to the sink, which makes the sink and its edges easy to clean.

Top Mount Sink

You also get ample counter space with a top mount sink. The only difference is that the rim of the sink is exposed (the edges can get gritty if you’re not careful though).

Vessel Sink

Vessel sinks are like washbowls placed on a countertop. They come in different materials and shapes and can add a dramatic look to your bathroom or powder room.

Wall-mounted Sink

Wall-mounted sinks are the perfect minimalist fixture if maximizing countertop space is not a priority in your new bathroom. They add a sleek, futuristic feel to your bathroom.

4. Faucets

Switching out the faucets can totally transform your bathroom (especially since traditional chrome-plated ones are on their way out). You can choose to retrofit your sink and tub with new faucets or change the entire setup for a polished new look.

When you’re choosing faucets, make sure they complement the overall aesthetic of your bathroom while being functional and accessible for all family members.

modern vanity for your NYC bathroom renovation

5. Toilets

Both technical and aesthetic factors come into play while choosing a new toilet for your bathroom remodel. For example, a wall-mounted toilet looks high-end and sleek, but you’d need a thicker wall to mount the toilet and install the tank (and future maintenance may call for reopening the wall).

Comfort is another factor when choosing a toilet, and we always recommend elongated, oval ones over space-saving round bowls for our clients’ renovations.

You can also choose to “upgrade” your toilet with accessories such as soft-closing or heated toilet seats.

And if you’re looking to optimize water usage, we recommend looking into dual-flush toilets.

choose sleek and stylish vanity and toilet hardware for your small bathroom

6. Vanities

The type of vanity you choose will depend on whether you’re renovating a master bathroom or a powder room. Other things to consider are placement, storage capacity, as well as material and finish.

Avoid placing the vanity where it may block the bathroom door or mess with other fixtures like your toilet, and choose a material and finish that’s stylish while also being versatile and durable.

modern vanity and shower for NYC bathroom renovation by Vergara Homes

7. Bathroom cabinets

Apart from a spacious vanity, bathroom cabinets can be a great option if you share a bathroom with your partner or other family members. These can hold your essentials as well as function as storage for towels, laundry hampers, etc. while adding to the beauty of a space. Make sure the cabinets are accessible for all members and have ample space to minimize clutter in the bathroom. Types of cabinets to consider include corner cabinets, tall cabinets, floor cabinets, etc.

modern bathroom shelves beautifully provide more storage space

8. Vanity lights

The right vanity lights make tasks like shaving, self-care, and makeup totally effortless. Placement is a big deal when it comes to vanity lights. If your mirror is large, mount the lights on the wall above the wall. If the mirror is smaller, install scones or light bars on either side.

9. Bathroom Shelves

If your bathroom is larger, include chic, modern bathroom shelves for both decoration and storage. Add your favorite crystals, create a little green corner, or pop in your favorite candles to create a cozy, personalized space.

10. Medicine cabinets

Ideally, medicine cabinets are narrower or span the width of your vanity. You can also get medicine cabinets with varying depths and configurations to make sure it holds everything to keep the countertop clutter-free.

The Wrap

There are no shoulds when it comes to your bathroom renovation. Yes, we’ve suggested the “essentials,” but you don’t have to choose all of them for a single space. Consider who uses the bathroom and how, which functionalities you’d like to add, which styles speak to you, and your budget before choosing the right fixtures for your dream bathroom.

And if you found this guide helpful, please share it with your friends and family.


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