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5 Simple Tips for an Affordable NYC Bathroom Remodel on a Budget

We know what you’re thinking: “Is it even possible to renovate my NYC bathroom on a budget?”

Take it from the professionals: You absolutely can have a beautiful bathroom that matches your lifestyle, vision, and your budget.

before and after bathroom renovation from Vergara Homes
Images by Vergara Homes

With 11+ years of design-build experience, we know how to engineer and execute bathroom remodels for every budget. And today, we’re sharing 5 simple tips so you can get a cool new look for your bathroom without breaking the bank.

Let’s dive in.

1. A fresh coat of paint or new wallpaper

Yes, it can be as simple as that.

A fresh coat of paint or a new wallpaper can change the look of your bathroom entirely. You can also play with contrasting colors (for cabinets and trimmings) or different textures with sponges, patterned brushes, and other creative tools. Stencils and decals are excellent options for providing a unique look and feel, too.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also add a coat of enamel paint to your bathtub to make it stand out.

Don’t forget to choose long-lasting bathroom-appropriate paint that will stand the test of time.

Looking for suggestions? We use Benjamin Moore bathroom paint colors for our client projects.

bathroom renovation with statement wall and high-end fixtures
Image by Vergara Homes

2. Update fixtures like the bathtub, sink, and faucets

Changing your fixtures is also a great way to give your bathroom an affordable facelift.

If you’ve been dreaming of replacing your dated bathtub for a luxurious claw-footed one (or a built-in tub with all the fun settings), now’s your chance.

Changing the major and minor fixtures of your bathroom can also transform the “theme” or dominant aesthetic of your bathroom, which can be fresh and exciting.

Switch out those chrome-plated taps for something rustic or futuristic. Choose a beautiful sink that adds character to your space - the choice is yours. In fact, even something as affordable as a new mirror can change the look of your space.

modern bathroom fixtures in bathroom remodel by Vergara Homes
Image by Vergara Homes

3. Change the flooring

Changing the flooring is also a great way to remodel your NYC bathroom on a budget.

When choosing your new floors, it’s essential to go for options that balance looks, durability, and ease of installation.

Ceramic, vinyl, engineered, and natural stone (expensive but amazing) are great options. Once you’ve selected your materials, choose an installation pattern that matches your bathroom’s overall aesthetics.

Word of advice: Avoid hardwood floors because they don’t hold up well in environments that could become wet, like your bathroom.

But if you’re not ready for a major overhaul, floor tile stickers can also do the trick (and yes, they’re waterproof!).

high-quality flooring ideas for your bathroom renovation
Image by Vergara Homes + Pexels

4. Update your vanity

Changing your vanity can transform your bathroom into a brand new space. Once you have a particular style in mind, feel free to play with the color and material of your chic new vanity.

Classic sink-to-floor vanities are ideal if you’re going for a more traditional style. But if your goal is to make the bathroom look more spacious and modern, go for sleek floating vanities with backlighting.

Alternatively, you can paint your vanity and change the frame and handles to refresh your space.

bathroom fixtures remodels from Vergara Homes
Images by Vergara Homes

5. Update the lighting

Updating the lighting in a small room like the bathroom can make all the difference if you get it right.

If your bathroom is smaller, install bright lights with dimmers to quickly transform the space from utilitarian to relaxing haven.

But if your bathroom is bigger, divide it into zones and install appropriate lighting accordingly - for example, recessed lighting above your bathtub, backlighting behind the mirror and vanity, etc.

And if you want our advice, avoid bright lights over light-colored countertops as they reflect and cast shadows under your eyes - which makes skincare, make-up, and getting ready in general quite challenging.

Another thing to keep in mind: energy efficiency. Go for LED lights wherever possible.

 updating the lighting fixtures in your bathroom renovation is a great way to spruce up your home
Images by Vergara Homes

The Wrap

Remodeling your bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive - with our 5 simple tips, you can give your bathroom a fresh new look with just a few affordable upgrades. Just remember to opt for more timeless styles and fixtures no matter which aesthetic you choose so that your updated bathroom can stand the test of time.

And if you’re considering a more extensive remodel to change the layout of your bathroom, the placement of your fixtures, or for a more elevated look and feel, Vergara Homes is here for you.

See what our client has to say about her bathroom remodel:

“Our bathroom came out way better than we ever imagined!

She really listened to me and gave me multiple suggestions, keeping in mind my preferences. She has a great eye, and she’s extremely knowledgeable about the industry.

Elizabeth’s dedication and work ethic are admirable.

She’s creative, talented, and all-around amazing to work with!”

- Iris Bruillet

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