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How to Select the Perfect Kitchen Cabinets for Your NYC Remodel

Kitchens are the heart of a home, and a thoughtfully designed kitchen can elevate your property value. However, with shifting trends, your kitchen - especially the cabinets - can feel dated. If you’re planning to bring your NYC kitchen back to life in 2022 by replacing the cabinets, we’re here to help.

This article will discuss several factors that will help you select the perfect kitchen cabinets for your NYC remodel.

Blending form and function

The best kitchens balance both aesthetics and function.

If you’re remodeling your kitchen in 2022, you have several styles to choose from - rustic Farmhouse to quirky Industrial to sleek Scandinavian, etc. And your cabinets need to be selected accordingly, while also considering things like:

  • The color palette of your kitchen and home

  • Your appliances

  • Who uses the kitchen and how often

Ultimately, you want to choose cabinets that are beautiful, practical, and durable.

kitchen cabinet styles for your home renovation
Illustrative images from Pexels

Types of kitchen cabinets in New York City

There are three distinct styles to choose from for your kitchen cabinet remodel in NYC.

  • Stock kitchen cabinets

  • Semi-stock kitchen cabinets

  • Custom kitchen cabinets

Stock kitchen cabinets

These are the most commonly used cabinets in NYC kitchens. They’re prefabricated and are ready to ship, which means their delivery time is fast. And while they’re cost-effective and not customizable, you don’t have to compromise on look and feel. They’re made in a wide variety of colors, styles, and finishes, which means you can get an elevated look on a budget.

Semi-stock kitchen cabinets

Don’t want to design your cabinets from scratch but need some level of personalization? That’s where semi-stock kitchen cabinets come in. Depending on the supplier, you can usually customize certain things like the size of the doors and handles, the depth of the drawers and cabinets, etc. Semi-stock cabinets allow you to stay on budget while ensuring your kitchen fixtures meet your specific needs. Quick note: delivery time for these is longer (about 5-6 weeks).

Custom kitchen cabinets

Want complete control over your kitchen cabinet design? That’s possible too. With a professional design team like Vergara Homes by your side, you can make sure your cabinets are unique while complementing your kitchen and home aesthetic. You can mix materials, texture, color, size, placement - the choice is yours. The design and installation time is longer than stock and semi-stock, but custom kitchen cabinets are totally worth the wait and investment when done right.

side-by-side look at 3 different kitchen cabinet types for your home renovation
Images by Pexels + Vergara Homes

Cabinets based on placement

Another aspect that will determine which cabinets you can select is the current (or envisioned) layout and placement of your kitchen cabinets. Typically, there are three kitchen cabinet placement styles:

  • Mounted on the wall

Type of cabinet to choose: Wall-mounted cabinets

  • Below the countertop

Type of cabinet to choose: Base Kitchen Cabinets

  • Floor-to-ceiling

Type of cabinet to choose: Tall Kitchen Cabinets

Wall-mounted kitchen cabinets

They’re attached to the kitchen wall and styled as floaters or placed flush against the ceiling. Wall-mounted cabinets are usually 12 inches deep and 30 inches tall, but this can be increased or decreased based on your needs.

Base kitchen cabinets:

These cabinets are placed on the floor and support other kitchen items like cooktops, countertops, and sinks.

Quick note: You can have both wall-mounted cabinets and base cabinets in your kitchen. The photo below shows tall cabinets, wall-mounted cabinets, and base cabinets.

Tall kitchen cabinets:

Tall kitchen cabinets are installed as floor-to-ceiling fixtures that add a dramatic look and ample storage to a space. Consider installing these cabinets if you’re looking to include a pantry in your kitchen. Tall kitchen cabinets are also great for stowing away your mops and brooms to bring in Insta-worthy tidiness to your kitchen.

kitchen renovation from Vergara Homes
Image by Vergara Homes

Traditional American or European style kitchen cabinets: Which is right for you?

Traditional European or frameless cabinets are sleek and versatile. They can fit into any space, add a contemporary look to your kitchen, and can be adapted to any style in the future (rustic, industrial, modern, etc.).

On the other hand, traditional American-style cabinets have a solid face frame and are meant for that classic look we’ve all grown up with. They’re also more durable and cost-effective, depending on the material and style.

Solid frame kitchen cabinets or European frameless cabinets for your kitchen renovation
Images by Pexels + Vergara Homes

Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Glass kitchen cabinets

Glass cabinets add an element of added space and dimension to your kitchen. You can choose from clear, frosted, seeded, and several other options.

Cabinets with sliding doors

Kitchen cabinets with sliding doors are very trendy right now, especially for smaller NYC kitchens. The sliding doors not only make the overall look compact and sleek, but they also ensure more optimal usage of space compared to traditional swing-door cabinets.

Cabinets with vertical doors

These cabinets are also great for smaller kitchens as they cause minimal obstruction while opening and closing. Plus, they’re super smooth to operate and add a futuristic look and feel to your kitchen.

There are five types of vertical opening mechanisms:

Lift-up Opening: With the push of a button, the mechanical latches swing the cabinet door up at 45 degrees to open

Bi-fold Opening: The cabinet door swings up at 45 degrees up to open, with the lower half of the door folding down (ideal for slightly taller cabinets) Parallel Opening: The cabinet doors push out slightly and slide up; that way, you can always show off your expensive door even when it’s open Up and Over Opening: This one’s the same as the lift-up opening, with a small gap for the upper cabinet lights to peek through Drop-down Opening: The cabinet door swings down at 45 degrees to open

choose the perfect kitchen cabinets with vertical doors for your home renovation

Kitchen cabinets from Gamma Fittings via Vergara Homes
Images by Gamma Fittings

Bringing it all together with a professional design team

Choosing the perfect kitchen cabinets can be easy when you have a clear vision for your full or partial kitchen remodel. A professional design and execution team like Vergara Homes can help you manage your remodeling by monitoring everything from concept to completion.

Curious how Vergara Homes can help with your NYC kitchen? Get inspired here: 3 Beautiful NYC Kitchen Renovation Transformations.


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